Hurricane Epilson Looks Very Perilous

The ever-weakening Hurricane Epsilon will make its closest approach to Bermuda on Thursday. As suggested by forecasters it will be delivering a glancing blow to the island nation. Along with tropical-storm-force winds throughout the remaining part of the day. As of around 11 a.m. Thursday, the massive Category 1 storm had winds of 90 mph. The center of the storm was located about 235 miles from the island of Bermuda. the National Hurricane Center suggested. On Wednesday, Epsilon had gained 50 mph in wind speed in just 24 hours to become a major Category 3, 115-mph hurricane, officially qualifying as a rapidly intensifying storm.

It was the seventh storm in the hurricane season of 2020. It is to power up this quickly, forecasters said.  Over the period of the last couple decades, meteorologists have been increasingly worried about storms that blow up from nothing to a whopper. Exactly just like Epsilon. Forecasters created an official threshold for this dangerous rapid intensification – a storm gaining about 35 mph in wind speed in just 24 hours.

In Bermuda, severe damage and adverse impacts from Epsilon will likely be isolated to an extent. However some downed tree limbs and power lines as well as localized street and poor drainage flooding will remain possible.

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