Xbox on phone! Xcloud annonced and coming soon!

Consoles are widely used devices for gaming. If we talk about companies that produce consoles, there are only 2 – Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. These both have their website where you have to sign in to your account so that you can play any game. The website can be signed in with any device. But you can only play on the device to which your console can be connected(Either TV or PC). But, Xbox has recently announced that soon gamers will be able to play Xbox games on their smartphones by the Cloud.


XCloud is a working title of Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud game service. Microsoft teased Xcloud in October 2018 and formally announced its project Xcloud. It is known as for subscribers of Xbox game pass ultimate so that they can play games on their smartphones too. Once launched, it will be available on both Android and iOS. They even demonstrated it in March 2019 with a racing game for the Horizon 4 playing on Android smartphones with an Xbox One controller, the game can be played on a touchscreen or can be played by Xbox controller over Bluetooth. They also have introduced a beta version of it on November 14, 2019.

Why is introducing Xbox on mobile necessary?

Many people in this world take gaming seriously, but they do not have enough equipment to play many games, they may only have their Mobile to play games. Therefore, many game developers think of making their games for Android too.

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Xbox has a variety of games that can only be played on PC or TV. By connecting through the console and a console is very expensive. So Microsoft wants to allow those games on android too. The thing you just need to buy is a controller and then enjoy your games.

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