Why The British Colonial Rule Over India is Considered Beneficial By Some Historians

The British empire had dominated the world for a couple of centuries. It was an ’empire which never saw sunset’ due to its 13 colonies present around the world.
There had been many bloodshed revolts, civil wars, and aggressive movements by the native communities of these colonies.
Here we talk about the British empire of the Indian subcontinent.
Coming straight to the point here is, (In my opinion) The conquest of India by Britain has given India the time, opportunity, and necessary shelter to rebuild, renovate, and repair its social and economic structure, to re lift itself from baring the pain of foreign aggression when it becomes free.
Secondly, Going out of the British empire by India before it has solidified itself into a single nation with unified thought was an invitation to chaos and disruption in the name of independence.

The View of Colonialist Historians:

People do not realize the importance of developing inside a shell before hatching out. In the world is necessary for every society that wants to advance.
Britain was sheltered from the direct influence from the rest of Europe (through the English channel) which gave it the opportunity to establish people’s rule by removing monarchy, hence repairing itself. The same case is observed in the States.
But the Indian subcontinent lies on the major land, sea, and air routes hence it is not naturally sheltered.

A servant is often keen to declare its freedom but does not consider its after-effects.
It is not often realized that the knot which binds the servant nation with the dominant nation is more important for the servant nation itself. 
India consisted of different kingdoms which may not have become whole if the shelter was not provided.

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From the early twentieth century until its mid. The theory of reforming the governance was in the minds of every political and social thinker. Sometimes, this thought took violent images in form of revolts against the ruler.
Democracy became the new hope, but it also had its downsides which were many times ignored.
People who point out dangers possible cons of shifting from colonial rule to self-governance we accused of opposing the government.
I think India would have been better if it established self-rule after 1947 because the growth of the Indian colony was higher than the Indian nation.

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