Tens of Thousands Defy Ban in Bangkok

After a ban on protests in Thailand, thousands of protestors took to the streets and decided to stand up against the monarchy. The protestors are opposing the monarchy rule. They are demanding a constitutional state. These demands have seen protests all over the country.

However, these have been especially strong in Bangkok. The g0vernment recently issued an order which imposed a ban on protesting. However, the protestors were not deterred and have continued their protests. The protests have continued for a while now. These have led to massive amounts of tensions between the monarchy and the common citizens of the country. The demand remains the same on the side of the working class and other citizens.

The strong opposition to the monarchy has been a very recent development. For along while till now the monarchy and the people have been about without too ma y issues. However recently the situation has completely changed. The situation is acceding at a very quick pace and is leading to many issues.

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