Political Analysis of West Asian Countries, and India’s Stand in the Situation (Politics in Asia)

The countries of Asia are divided into central Asia, South Asia, West Asia, and North Asia.

West Asia in particular has power divided between three parties, power dynamics are maintained between three nations.
Israel (Jews) [Isolated and alone, backed by USA and UK alliance]
Saudi Arabia (Sunni Muslim) [Arabic descent] Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, are the main strengths 
Iran (Shia Muslim) [Persian descent] Iraq(having Shia majority), Syria(having Sunni majority), Lebanon, Bahrain.
India is particularly friendly with all three nations.
Yemen in 2014-15, due to ongoing had an interesting shift from Iran group to Saudi group.
Jews were being exploited by both Christians and Muslims and were thrown off their motherland (Israel).
In the 1890s, under the influence of the UK and the USA, Jews again started controlling Israel, which was not liked by the Muslim nations.
Jews are very powerful in the internal politics of the USA because of their high population in the USA, hence, the USA’s decisions are influenced by Jews.
Before 1st WW, the Khalifa of Istanbul (Turkey) was considered the leader of all the Muslim nations.
After the 1st WW, the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) was disintegrated, and the Khilafat movement emerged against Turkish rule.
In India M.K. Gandhi merged the Khilafat movement with the non-cooperation movement, which was also opposed by some religious leaders, like Mr. Jinnah.
India’s relations with Israel are established on the fact that whenever Jews were persecuted in history, India gave them shelter.
Religions divided into Vedic, Brahmanic, and Judeo-Christianity

India’s position in west Asian politics:

India needs a good relation with Israel because of agricultural and military technology and due to Indians employed in Israel send remittance.
It is very important for India to maintain peace in the Gulf region to avoid an oil crisis.
Gulf cooperation council is a group of 12 countries, led by Saudi Arabia.
Gaza strip is a long strip region on the borders of Israel and Egypt, and it has been in conflict occupation of Israel and Egypt, currently, it is in the occupation of  Egypt.
The gulf war(1981-87): USA backed Saddam Hussein, who pushed to become the leader of Iraq when the Shah of Iran was thrown away by the Iranian revolution after WW2.
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