Play Station 5 launched in India, A complete Review and Brief description of Play Station history.

Sony is a well-known company for launching and releasing games and has released many worldwide famous games. Most of the credit is gone to the PlayStation series founded by Sony interactive entertainment in which many games were released. Sony has recently announced the next PlayStation coming soon, the PlayStation 5 with a variety of games.


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PlayStation was founded in 1994 in Japan by Sony Interactive entertainment. In 1994 Sony launched a total of 4 and PlayStation 5 was recently revealed. PlayStation has been an important part of gaming and was the first console ever launched, and now, the PlayStation 5 is going to launch. PlayStation 5 will be launched on 19 November and will be into variants standard version and digital edition, The standard version will be for 50,000 Rs. and the digital edition will be and cost of Rs. 40,000. The PlayStation 5 comes with 4 other accessories – controller,  headset, Media Remote, and HD camera. Let’s talk briefly about these.


Controller – the DualSense™ wireless controller of PlayStation 5 is different from other controllers of PlayStation. It is lighter in weight and has a built-in microphone and a headset jack. And it also has a new button called the create button to capture and broadcast your gaming moments. It also has a built-in battery so you just have to charge and play.

Headset – Pulse 3D™ wireless headset of PlayStation 5 has a unique design plus some added features which were not in the previous headsets. It helps you experience 3D audio on the PS5 console. Dual hidden microphones and easy access controls, it also gives you a wireless adaptor for the headset.

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Media remote – it is a TV remote given by Sony to control your TV if it’s connected to the PS5. Its controls are normal as a regular remote but it offers you 4 special buttons for opening Disney Plus, Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify o your TV.

HD camera – it is a camera webcam for sharing your face on the screen and broadcasting the game. It has a 1080p capture and a built-in stand which helps to connect with either TV or PC. It also has a background removal tool to remove the unwanted part.

With all the accessories and features, the PS5 is only coming in 40000. Sony has made a great deal and as always has launched futuristic devices in the PlayStation.


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