OnePlus 8T Teardown Video Explain Unique Dual Battery Setup

OnePlus 8T inaugurated a periodic day before in the market, with rates commencing from Rs 42,999 for the base model in India.

OnePlus inaugurated the 8T smartphone a few days ago. This is the mid-year flagship refresh from the corporation. Nonetheless, this year we accomplished not discern the T Pro upgrade. The phone picks up the articles from the 8 Pro version, with assistance for 120Hz refresh price collection. However, in proclamation to maintain the expense fuzz, captions like wireless charging and IP estimating go amiss. And a recent video teardown video accentuates the inward differences given rise to by the firm to obtain some extraordinary outcomes.


The 8T is the first OnePlus phone to support 65W arresting via its Warp Charge technology. But it was fascinating to glimpse that OnePlus has stored two ordnance together to get help fast charging conclusions. From an extent, it glances like the 8T has a single battery department. But the video simply indicates us a wrinkle in the middle, which was utilized to enlist to segregated units. In the video, the presenter says, maximum phone batteries don’t charge beyond 3oW. So maybe OnePlus had to speak impromptu to give rise to sure the 8T gets 65W fast charging backing.

The teardown furthermore provides us with an obvious reminder about the phone’s lack of waterproofing. Which understand the lack of IP rating for the 8T. In improvement to this, the phone appears prepared with a copper chilling system. This will possibly give rise to sure that charging at 65W speed puts up with a position with beneficial thermal supervision. Which guarantees extended battery life cycle and health of the device overall.  

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