New Building Constructed Collapses! China Denies Encroaching On Nepali Land And Says The Building Fell Within Its Territory

If some of you felt there just hasn’t been enough news related to China, here’s another one for you. According to the reports, China is now encroaching on Nepali land. They are now constructing structures. However, the Chinese state media said that the buildings fell within the Chinese territory. The Chinese are in the process of building a new village in the Tibet Autonomous Region. This means it is not on the encroached land of Nepal.

“The buildings that some in Nepal accused China of encroaching on its land fall within chinese territory and are actually a newly built village in the south-west china’s Tibet autonomous region.”- Global Times Reported Citing sources.

What Did The Prime Minister Of Nepal Have To Say?

The Nepali Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has denied the allegations. Shahi said that China has erected a pillar. Whereas the government of China has said that the officials were not consulted about such issues.

The basic principle of the boundary pillars states that whenever a new pillar is to be set up, it should be first settled in coordination with officials on both side. However, according to the statement given by the Prime Minister of Nepal, this princlpe has been breached.

“The jungle pillar 12 has been recentle erected by china. the government officials say that they have not been consulted about such issues. The pillars 5.1 and 6.1 have been encloased as there are chinese security forces”

“Our people have been chased away when they go to the area for farming or cattle rearing. There is ample evidence that shows that nepal’s territory has been encroached.”- Said the leader

However, the Chinese state media reaction come among certain reports. These reports state that China has encroached upon Nepali land in Humla district. They have started constructing structures on the encroached land.

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Jivan Bahadur Shahi, who is a leader of opposition of Karnali Province recently spoke to the people in Humla. Humla is his home district. They are suffering due to the Chinese presence in the area. Adding to this, Bejing has also suspended the permission to the trucks laden with food supply. This was reported by Khabarhub.

China Nepal Relations

The bilateral relationship between Nepal and China has been friendly and is defined by the Peace and Friendship Treaty of Sino-Nepal, signed by the two countries on 28 April 1960. However,in the recent years Nepal has been trying to make trade and connectivity relations with China. Nepal-China relations received a boost when both nations settled all boundary disputes. This happened along the China-Nepal boundary by signing the Sino-Nepal border agreement. The agreement was signed on March 21, 1960. This made Nepal, China’s first neighbouring country to agree to a border treaty with China and ratify it. The government of both the countries ratified the agreement on 5th October, 1961.

However, Nepal has maintained a policy of balancing the competing influence of China and Nepal ‘s southern neighbour India. From 1975 onwards, the only two Himalayan neighbours after India ‘s annexation of the Kingdom of Sikkim in 1975.

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