Pop-celebrity Miley Cyrus recalled a disturbing incident that took place with her dog on the sets of The Voice. During her interaction with Geena The Latina and Frankie V Morning Show on October 15 revealed that her dog met with a terrible accident on her very first day on the sets of the music competition.


Explaining the accident, Miley said that The Voice’s set is filled with wires everywhere. Cyrus added that her dog bit into some wires while they were filming. Suddenly, people working on the set noticed that Miley’s dog was ‘convulsing’ and getting ‘electrocuted’. Further, she said that they were unable to open her mouth initially. That was because the person who was trying to open her dog’s mouth was also getting electrocuted.

However, the Wrecking Ball singer assured everyone that her dog is doing completely fine now. She recalled it as a ‘sad’ incident but added that everything was handled well. Moreover, Miley explained that her dog is currently ‘thriving’ in Nashville and is doing ‘great’. But this wasn’t the only horrific incident that has happened with her pets.

She also explained another embarrassing moment that her dog Mary Jane put her into. She remembered how back in Halloween 2012, the dog got into a stickier situation. Although she avoided detailing the specifics of the story, Cyrus stated that her dog is a ‘freak’. “Mary Jane is freak a leak”. She only uttered that the dog was caught ‘licking something’. Miley teased that Mary did something ‘very wrong’ for which she had to send an ‘apology gift’.

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In other news, Cyrus is all set for the release of her upcoming seventh studio album, She is Miley Cyrus. The album is set for a launch in November 2020 by RCA. The lead single of the album, Midnight Sky has already released back in August. The song articulates how the singer is going to take the Midnight Sky road and head towards the clouds.

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