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Japanese PM Sends Controversial Offering

Japanese PM Sends Controversial Offering

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga recently sent an offering to the controversial Yasukuni shrine. The public broadcaster NHK has reported. This Saturday without yet saying where it had obtained the relevant information.

Among other war heroes, the controversial Tokyo shrine seeks to honor 14 men convicted as Class-A war criminals. As a result of their actions after World War II. It is generally viewed by neighbors of Japan as a symbol of the country’s past era of militarism. Mr Suga, who had become the prime minister of Japan last month. He is continuing the tradition of Japanese leaders paying their respects. This is done without visiting the shrine in an official capacity. This is viewed as crossing a diplomatic red line.

Suga’s predecessor Shinzo Abe did not make an official pilgrimage since 2013. Whereas a big number of his cabinet members did. During the anniversary of Japan’s surrender in 1945.  Abe has also paid a personal visit shortly after resigning due to an illness


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