Indian Troops Supposedly Crossed 7 Place at LAC

Indian Troops Supposedly Crossed 7 Place at


China claims that Indian soldiers had illegally crossed the line of actual control. Following this, they entered its territory firing at the Chinese troops. Army sources suggested that only warning shots were fired by the Indian soldiers. These were done as a reaction to the Chinese opening fire at the Indian positions and soldiers on Monday night. The Indian Armed forces claim that the Chinese did so intimate the Indian soldiers, however, they stood strong and did not show any sign of fear.

Chinese troops also engaged in another firing exchange near the Pangong Lake. This lake is situated in eastern Ladakh. This was a late-night development on the last Monday. While Chinese personnel continue to claim that Indian soldiers illegally crossed the LAC and entered its territory. They followed this act by firing at the Chinese troops. The Indian army sources strongly suggest that only warning shots were fired. Meanwhile, the situation in Ladakh is said to been brought under control. Chinese PLA (People’s Liberation Army) issued a statement in which it blamed India for the exchange. It said that the Indian Army illegally crossed the line on 7th of September and entered Pangong Tso the western sector of the Indo-China border. Meanwhile, the Army is yet to issue any official statement. The latest round of exchange of fire between the two nations comes in the middle of an ongoing standoff. This is between Indian and China in the Ladakh region. The Ladakh region has been a hotbed of several fights breaking out over the past few months. Beofre this a young officer had punched and broken a Chinese majors jaw. However, this is the first time guns have been fired on the LAC since 1974.

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