Brand New The Batman Photos Coming in Straight from Chicago!


A variety of highly anticipated blockbusters have been delayed due to global health issues which forced sets around the world to close down. Various projects have been kicked back up with new health and safety measures. These include Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

Filming for The Batman had barely begun when the set was shut down as the pandemic took over. By moving the set to Pinewood in the U.K., Matt Reeves and company were able to get back to work on the new DC installment. But reports from Chicago indicate that production is setting in The Windy City. Jake Hamilton shared an image from this process, check it out below.

Well, this is so exciting. It looks like The Batman is able to go back to more outdoor filming, and is bringing production to Chicago. The image shows a crew member for a project titled Vengeance. This is the working title for Matt Reeves’ DC incoming, confirming that Gotham City is built for the upcoming shoot.

Various shots from Chicago have arrived on social media, as set pieces are brought to the city. They covered up to guard The Batman‘s secrets. This is yet another exciting update from the upcoming flick starring Robert Pattinson.

The Batman is also getting a prequel series on HBO Max.


Despite The Batman shutting down for a few weeks after Robert Pattinson himself was tested positive for COVID, set photos have revealed that filming is back on track. The photos coming from Chicago show how many moving pieces are required for moviemaking. Especially for comic book adaptations. Because while one location is being used to film, another is being set up for the next scene.

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Anticipation for The Batman has been steadily building thanks to the stunning cast. Joining Robert Pattinson are Zoe Kravitz, Colin Farrell, Jeffrey Wright, Paul Dano, Andy Serkis, and John Turturro. The first footage from The Batman arrived at the DC Fandom event, showing Reeves’ vision for the adaptation.


While CBMs are a popular genre that is known for its spectacle, this first glimpse from The Batman is refreshingly pulled back. The movie focuses on a Bruce Wayne who is relatively new to his career in crimefighting and will encounter a trio of villains. The costumes for Riddler and Catwoman are handmade and muted. While we’re also shown Bruce Wayne with a face full of makeup after removing his cowl.

It will be interesting to see what reports come out of Chicago as production for The Batman settles in the city. The most recent set photos revealed some exterior including Zoe Kravitz’s Selina Kyle. Robert Pattinson and his stunt double have also jumped back into the suit, while also rocking the character’s previously revealed motorcycle.

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