Most Loved Games Among the Online Gaming Streamers in 2020.

In the year 2020 while everyone was sitting at their homes the game developers took it a perfect opportunity to make their games trending. One of these developer company, Mediatonic develop a game which became one of the most trending games of the year.

Fall guys: Ultimate Knockout:

Fall guys were released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation on 4th August 2020. Everyone calls it Fall guys but it’s real full name is Fall guys: Ultimate knockout. Recently, when Among Us was going trending and everyone was forgetting Fall guys. The Mediatonic released its season 2 with new skins and maps. Nowadays every gaming YouTuber is making a video or a live stream on Fall guys. It is generating Mediatonic revenue of $130 million per month.

This game is not too tough to play and understand. In this game, there are 60 players in one match but you can call any three of your friends. These 60 players are dropped on any random map from 20 maps in total. There are two types of finishes given in this game. First, you have to cross the line until the maximum number of players has crossed. Second, you have to stand until the maximum number of players have been eliminated. You have to finish in these 2 types. There will be certain obstacles in this game that you have to pass to win. After and after as the levels passed the players will decrease and in the final round there will be six players fighting for one crown. The one who will get the Crown wins.

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In this game, everyone can have their skin design. After the launch, the Mediatonic has released more than a million skins in this game but there were countable skins on the release of season 2. There were a total of 10 skins released after season 2. They are Black Knight, Blue Knight, Black witch, Blue wizard, Pink wizard, Green Viking, Orange Viking, Red Viking, Red Dragon, and White Dragon.

This game is a kid play game but many adults have also liked it so it can be called a game for every person.

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