How To Make Quarantine Useful? some best tips to follow.

This quarantine has given us too much time, making it count or just letting it slide in on us. This free time presents us with opportunities to do things that we have always wanted to. It is a good time to focus on ourselves and truly utilize it. Instead of sitting around worrying about coronavirus or feeling lonely, use your downtime to learn new skills, pamper yourself, and reconnect with what makes you happy. Just remember: It’s called downtime for a reason.

Here’s a list of things you might like to do-

  1. Read books – Books exercise the brain, build our vocabularies, lowers stress, and also enhances the imagination. Whether you prefer fiction or nonfiction, buy yourself some books and start reading more this week.
  2. Learn a new skill – learning a new skill is an inventive way of utilizing your time. Practicing an instrument can also be very productive. Keep yourself busy, take online classes, or try learning it yourself. It will keep you busy as well entertained.
  3. Write a journal – Writing a journal will help you not just preserve your memories but will also help you process your feelings about this time that manages to feel simultaneously terrifying and immensely boring.
  4. Set a workout routine– If you work out regularly, you will know that the key to a successful and consistent workout regime is routine. And I don’t need to tell you about the benefits of working out and keeping fit. Can you get your hands on some basic gym accessories? You actually don’t even need such equipment if you follow some of the workout videos available on YouTube.
  5. Keep in touch with your family and friends – Make time to catch-up and have a virtual drink with your friends and family. Use the time to speak to relatives that you might not have spoken to in a while – maybe look to find out via those family members about great-great-grandparents who lived through wars as well as pandemics.
  6. Experiment with social media – One can do so much more and experiment with the platforms available to you as well as connect with like-minded people on those platforms. Why not sign up to Pinterest (active monthly users 322 million) which is a sharing platform with some of the most popular content including fashion, food, decor, wedding, workout, and DIY-related pins. On the other hand, Reddit (430 active monthly users) might be better suited for you, which consists of discussion communities for you to discover and discuss new content.

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