Key Tech Trends Post COVID 19 Everyone Should Have And Be Aware Of

It’s safe to say the world is going to change after COVID 19 ends, or even if it doesn’t the world is on its way to revolution. The people of the world have already started to adapt to these changes faster than ever. These changes include maintaining six feet distance, or wearing masks and carrying hand sanitizers everywhere. Not only the humans, but technology is adapting to these changes too. Humans need to adapt to the fast-paced changes in technology, but so does the technology. Here are a few technology trends that are the strongest in the technology game. If you’ve not already accustomed yourself to these trends, I’d suggest you do it as soon as possible.

Technology Trends That Everyone Should Know Post COVID

When we talk about the backbone of technology, the first thing that comes into the mind of most people is the word “Internet.” Internet is a known phenomenon which has managed to change our lives forever. We spend most of our time on the internet. Fun fact: You’re using the internet as you read this.

1. Online Streaming

We’ve had a lot of free time on our hands which we’ve usually spent watching videos or scrolling through social media. Most of these websites that we spend our time on is Instagram, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and more. In today’s world, we’re lucky enough to access these from the comfort of our own homes, or more specifically couches or beds. These streaming services provide quality which is nothing less when compared to a theatre.

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2. Truly Wireless Earbuds

These types of earbuds were first introduced in the year 2017 by a major mobile phone manufacturer. Now, three years later other companies have finally picked up the wind for these and have started manufacturing them. They are now available in every price range. These also allow the person wearing them to freely move around the house every day. This means that they are looking out for their own well-being while attending calls and working.

3. Online Learning

No one ever thought the professional courses and any other regular college courses would merge into one. Students either hate it or they love this method of learning. There’s absolutely no in-between. Due to the environment outside, there is a need for students to learn online. It is definitely difficult for teachers which are not accustomed to technology, but if everyone’s adapting, they are too!

4. Smart Homes

Home is the most important and the safest place in the world right now. While we’re stuck here, we miss movie theatres, schools, offices, gyms etc. We’ve now learned to adapt our homes into a smart home. Smart homes are necessary as they can transform a whole living experience. They use the themes matching the environment of a movie theatre. Closing the curtains, locking the door, dimming the lights, switching the tv on, microwave starting to pop the corn with just a click or voice command.

5. Contactless Payment

Remember those days when the modes of payments were restricted to cash or cheque? Well, those days are long gone now. The world has taken a new step where payments are usually done with credit or debit cards. During COVID some people don’t even accept that! Instead, they prefer payment methods that are contactless. The contactless methods are UPI, ¬†Online Payments, and Virtual cards.

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