Newly released Motorola Razr 5G released in India.

Motorola’s other folding smartphone, the Moto Razr 5G of the Moto Razr series was introduced on 9 September and came into the market on 15 September. It is more like a smartphone comparing to the other Moto Razr keypad phones. ThisI also gives nostalgia as it looks more like old mobile phones with small screens.

It is easier to carry in pockets and use while moving because of its small size and is efficient to use. Its dimensions are 169.2 mm wide, 72.6 mm long and 16 mm high as unfolded, and 91.7 mm wide, 72.6 mm long and 16 mm high. It almost ways 200g and its screen size as unfolded is 6.20 inches and 2.70 mm as folded. Its internal storage is 256 GB and RAM is 8 GB, although no expandable SD card is there in this smartphone.

It has an Android 10 operating system and consists of a 2800 mAh battery capacity. Its front camera has 20-megapixel and the rear camera has 48-megapixel. This phone is connectable through Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and USB Type-C, external devices like Headphones and earphones can’t connect to it. The Moto Razr 5G, with all these features, comes at the price of 1,24,999 Rs. in India.

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