New Operating software released by Google for Smart Vehicles.

The most interesting and attractive innovation in the automotive industry of the 21st century should be Smart car Technology. It has been talked throughout the 21st century about making our vehicles more and more autonomous and smarter as we have seen in mobile phones. The Revolutionization of mobile phones in the 21st century has been like a dream come true. The growth of smartphone Technology has been so Rapid that in the span of 5 years it has covered greater heights then it had been in the past 50 years. In the same way, making smarter technology for a vehicle is another aim for technological giants around the world. 

Introduction of technology:

In 2014 Google launched its ‘Android auto’ operating system for the vehicles that proved to turn the tables. While it was just the first step towards smart vehicle technology. This operating system provided some basic necessities to the driver. Swimming music maps GPS weather reports and some other applications were accessible to the driver inside their car through ‘Android auto’. Ford, Jeep, Maserati, Bentley, and Chevrolet are the name of some of the first car makers who adopted Google’s technology. Apple was no far behind in introducing its own vehicle operating system which was known as ‘Carplay’ software. Hyundai, Honda, and BMW installed this system in their cars. 

While Smart Card Technology does not limit to just a mobile app being connected to the vehicle it has much more to offer. Smart cars can be connected to every single 21st-century modern technology for vehicles. Another innovation of the 21st century was the ‘Pre-collision technology’ that had been in terms of Smart Car Technology. As the name suggests free collision Technology helps the driver to detect the blind spots on the road. Pre-collision Technology has proved to be a necessity for safety equipment installed in cars. This technology Assured complete safety even if the driver Falls asleep while driving a car. And many business models around the world have offered the pre-collision theory in their Smart car technology. 

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Currently, the Smart car technology also allows drivers to have a communication system in cars. The communication between two cars will prevent accidents and miss happenings among the diverse and it will make the roads more clear and peaceful. 3D Hologram Chester system will have another futuristic teacher of the driver and car interaction. The integration of car with smartwatches have already been introduced in Android and IOS devices. But still, it has a lot of capabilities that can be seen. A system of automatic parking in a vehicle. A smart vehicle will be able to park by itself in parking spaces and take the necessary action on time. Automatic parking Technology can also be used at home in which the car can actually memorize the place in your garage. 

Smart car Technology is surely a very futuristic thought and its recent implementations are just a few steps towards it. The future sure is bright for this innovation. The beginning of the 21st century has proven to be the starting off of a smart vehicle that can actually interact with humans in a real-time environment. 

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