Here are some tips to win Fleet Battles in Star Wars: Squadron

Launched on October 2nd, 2020, the Star Wars: Squadron is a space combat video game set in the Star Wars Universe. The beginning missions of the game are fairly easy to complete, but the difficulty level increases gradually. In fact, the tutorial for the Fleet Battles just about touches the surface.

The 5 vs 5 Fleet Battles are a package of three phases.

  1. The “Kick Off”
  2. Frigate/ Cruiser elimination
  • Flagship elimination

To win the game, the main goal is to wipe out the enemy flagship before they destroy yours.

Here are some tips and tricks for you for winning and getting through even the most complex phases.

Pay attention to what your team-mates say

Communication is the key as everyone says. And it is certainly true.

Listening to the chatter is essential. Each one of you can look out for one another. Also, the game will be more interesting and interactive if you keep communicating. If you follow this, you shall go a long way in the game. Plus, the chances of winning will be even more certain if you have everyone on the team cooperates with each other.

Power Management Skills

This aspect is one of the most basic and fundamental one that every player must understand. You have the power to reroute power to your ship’s various other systems. This gives you an opportunity to augment the lasers, shields, or engines. The three main power systems are Engine Power, Primary Weapon Power, and in certain situations, Shield Power. You can get more speed and quicker recharge for your equipment if use utilize the D-pad for the power redirection. Also, when overcharged, you can unlock special features like boosting, extra layer of shields, and drifting.

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Engage in dogfights

Right in the beginning, involve in dogfights together with your squadron. Take down the AI fighters. Here are some strategies to help you win the dogfights. Always angle your deflector shields towards the front. Moreover, the Assault Shield when paired with Repair Droid will aid you a great deal to help you overcome many obstacles. Next, try out the target my attacker feature which will let you to find out who is attacking you.

Pick the right fighter for the situation

You and your squadron must know to pick the correct starfighter for the right moment. For example, Bombers are the right starfighters for doing something like attacking enemy ships. Also, support starfighters can come in handy in any moment of the game. This will help your team to survive more.

Bring down capital ships

As mentioned in the above point, Bombers are best suited for destroying capital ships. Keep track of how much life the capital ship has left. In case you are on the defence side of the game, destroy the Raider and Corvette ships as soon as possible. By doing so, your odds of winning shall increase a great deal. If you are playing the offence, then make use of them and their shields for protection.

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