Microsoft Surface Pro X Gets A Refresh; It Now Has A SQ2 Processor AND Platinum Finish. What New Specs And Accessories Can We Have?

The Microsoft Surface Pro X is a very debatable device. It is usually the device which causes disagreement over technology lovers. That is mainly because it is the only current-generation Surface product powered by an Arm-based processor. The user gets thrust directly into the world of WoA without any warning. The full form of WoA is Windows On Arm. This includes all of the caveats that exist there. Microsoft Surface Pro is an exception in many different areas. One of the areas in that Microsoft doesn’t usually do a mid-cycle refresh, but the Surface Pro does. Now, Microsoft has announced some new updates on the Surface X Pro, to make it flashier and faster.

Microsoft Surface Pro X Specifications

So with the update which has caused Microsoft Surface Pro X to be flashier and faster, it was inevitable that the device would have gotten a few updates. So we’ve saved you some time and listed the specifications down below.

CPU: Microsoft SQ1 and Microsoft SQ2 (buyer can choose)

Memory: 8 / 16 GB LPDDR4x

Display: 13-inch PixelSense display
2800 x 1920 (267 PPI)
3:2 aspect, 10-point multitouch

Storage: 128 / 256 / 512 GB removable SSD

Wireless: Wi-Fi 5
Qualcomm Snapdragon X24 LTE
Bluetooth 5.0

I/O: 2 x USB Type-C Gen 2 ports
Surface Connect

Webcam: 5.0 MP front camera 1080p video
10 MP rear camera autofocus 4K Video

Battery: Up to 15 hours
60 Watt Adapter

Dimensions: 287 x 208 x 7.3 mm
11.3 x 8.2 x 0.28 inches

Weight: 774 grams / 1.7 lbs (without keyboard)

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Starting Price: $999/ €852 (approx.)
$1499/ €1,279 (approx.) for new SQ2 Processor

Availability: Has been available since 1st October

The big changes in the device that Microsoft is offering are here. The buyers have an option to buy the new Microsoft SQ2 processor as an optional upgrade over the SQ1.

What Is The Difference Between SQ1 and SQ2?

A few sources have reached out to Microsoft to get more detailed information about the SQ2 CPU. However, the only information they have only been told so far is that the new processor is an enhanced version of the Qualcomm-built SQ1. It is offering more CPU and GPU performance. Under the canopy of SQ2, the GPU upgrade comes courtesy of the Adreno 690, compared to the Adreno 685 in the SQ1.

At this point, our best guess regarding the SQ2 isn’t great. But it is that the SQ2 is a version of Qualcomm’s 8CX Gen 2 SoC,\. It is similar to how the SQ1 was based on the original 8CX.


With the upgrade of the Microsoft Surface Pro X, Microsoft is also launching some new accessories.

New Keyboard Colours:

The new Microsoft Surface Pro X keyboard is available in new colours. The new colours are Platinum, Ice Blue, and Poppy Red. There are also new Designer Compact Keyboards with Bluetooth. It offers two years of battery life, and three-device support, as well as matching number pads.

New Mouse

Microsoft is offering a wide range of colours on the Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse. (Quad M? Impressive) with a new sandstone colour joining the mix.

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Just in case your hands prefer a bit more shape, Microsoft has launched something for you as well.

Last, but not the least, Microsoft has launched a 4K Display Adapter, this adapter will be priced at $69.99.

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