China’s Pollution Reduction Efforts Contributing to Decrease in World Temperature.

We know that sometimes when I am volcanic eruption occurs temperature can drop. It is due to some of the air pollutants which can have a cooling effect on the environment. And it is the same for the air pollutants which are emitted from human activities. Those pollutants can actually have a cooling bit on the overall climate. 

The greenhouse gases are known to have a warming effect on the planet by tapping the sunlight into the earth. Some of the air pollutants like aerosol have the opposite effect which helped the sunlight to be reflected away from the Earth. Aerosol pollutant does this by interacting with the clouds and hence making a Shield that reflects back the sunlight. China during the time period of 2016 2017 government has put forward some plants that insurance clean air. And reduce the impact of human activities that causes air pollution. It reduced the number of aerosols that contributed to air pollution. 


Now the pollution scientists have started using their atmospheric and oceanic based systems. That study the impact of global temperature and measure change over the past hundred year period. This model research done by scientists has resulted in the statistics that tell that 0.1 degrees Celsius gas-induced global warming was marked by China. Especially in the Northern hemisphere. 

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