In First Trump-Biden Debate, U.S. Will Finally See Its Choice

Last Tuesday, Democrat Joe Biden took the stage at the first presidential debate of the year 2020. He stared at the current President, Donald Trump, who has unconsciously done his opponent Joe Biden a huge favour.  Donald Trump has lowered the public expectations for Joe Biden’s performance.

The current President, Donald Trump has spent months painting his opponent, Biden as senile and doddering. A move like this most probably has lowered the bar for Biden’s performance in the eyes of many voters. Voters, who will be seeing him on stage in Cleveland for the first time since the Democratic convention. An even passable performance by the former vice president might come off looking like a win in a debate that has taken on outsize importance after Covid-19 limited the candidates’ in-person campaign.

Information About The Rivals

Biden, who is 77 years old is leading in polls against republicans. He is leading both, nationwide and both of the crucial swing states set to provide the decisive electoral college count on November 3rd.

On the other hand, Donald Trump, 74 years is campaigning harder than ever before. While crisscrossing those battlegrounds on Air Force One. While his opponent Biden uses a far lower profile strategy. With Trump’s history of skilful showmanship and brutal debate tactics, Trump is hoping that the meeting in Cleveland will bring him back to the top.

What Does Joe Biden And His Team Have To Say?

Jay Carney, Biden’s ex-communication director said: “Trump will definately try to throw the vice president a bunch of curveballs that are designed to get him off his game.” Jay Carney was Joe Biden’s communication director before he became White House’s press secretary under the ex-president Barak Obama. “The vice president fully expects and is preparing for that and knows that taking that bait is not what he wants to do.” Jay Carney added to his previous statement.

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High Stakes

Due to COVID 19, this election season has been the one which is mostly (if not all) long-distance. This season, therefore, puts even more weight on the first of three 90-minute debates. During this debate, tens of millions of Americans will weigh up two men who each accuse the other of posing an existential threat to the United States.

President Donald Trump considers his nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Potentially tilting the court to the right for years. Especially as a fundamental boost to his troubled re-election campaign. However, the live TV debate, which will be watched by the entire country is expected to be a wild card.

President Donald Trump needs to grow out of the horrible situation of 2,00,000 coronavirus deaths. The long-lasting economic fallout, and fatigue among swaths of the country at the constant scandal and upheaval roiling his administration. He needs to gain back the trust of the country, which will definitely not be easy.

However, President Trump has huge confidence in his prowess on stage. Yet unlike the fawning treatment he enjoys during his weekly call-ins to Fox News, he’ll be finding himself facing a man painting him (Donald Trump) as “toxic” in front of the entire country, as well as in front of the entire world.

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