Top 6 Android Word Processing Apps: know more and claim before someone else dose

In today’s era, everything is basically done by just tapping away on your phone or typing a few commands on your laptop. Paperwork transformed into documents now.

Suppose you find yourself in a pressing situation. You immediately need to create a document and complete your work, only your mobile is accessible at that moment. This is where a word processing app comes into play.

A word processing app is something which allows you to create, edit (deleting, correcting errors) and save documents. Here are the top six picks of Android Word Processing Apps.

  1. Google Docs

As the name suggests, Google Docs is developed by Google. A single sign-in is all it takes. It lets you create, edit, share, insert images and tables and many more. The integration with Google Drive, permits you to access your documents from any device. You can share the document in such a way that the other party can either simply view it, or you can grant access to them to edit the document. Several other cool features exist which makes Google Docs even cooler. Be sure to try this one out!


  1. Microsoft Word

Nearly everyone is familiar with the desktop version of Microsoft Word. Even though the mobile version is a bit tacky and does not offer as many features as the desktop version, it is still worth giving it a go. If you wish to have access to more than the basic features, getting an Office 365 subscription is the only way.

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  1. WPS Office

This word processing app was launched by a Chinese software developer Kingsoft. The mobile WPS writer makes your work as uncomplicated and trouble free as possible. It lets you do almost anything like insert tables, pictures, comments and many more. Above all, it is free!


  1. Polaris Office

Uncomplicated to use, Polaris Office is compatible both on the PC version and the mobile version and is utilized to share, edit, and view word documents. The paid edition offers many more features, but if you want to operate on the go the free one will do the work for you. It allows you to incorporate with cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox effortlessly plus, it has a user-friendly interface.


  1. Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer is a completely free word processing software, which is great for android devices. You can format, create, and export Word files and make the best of the features like inserting tables and images, annotations, comments and many more. You can share these documents under any format (.pdf, .docx, .txt).

  1. OfficeSuite Pro

Though this is a slightly expensive option, you can nonetheless give it a go. OfficeSuite Pro, built by MobiSystems gives the users a simple and clear interface, making it easier to operate. You can view .pptx files, create and edit Word and Excel files. There is free trial available too, so do not hesitate to give it a shot.

There are many apps like these available in the market, each unique and different in their own way. Make sure to select the one you feel is best suited for your use. And try out our preferences too!

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