Is Selena Gomez’s Latest Manicure Politically Dividing Her Fans, Explained

It is for about 5 weeks to the USA presidential elections. It takes a lot of controversy for a leading superpower in the world to hold its elections. While it is important for every citizen to cast their vote the celebrities come to a new platform during this time. All the celebrities influencers and the public figures have always been putting down their efforts to reach out to their fans. While there are a few celebrities who openly express their political ideologies. But it is clear that these celebrities never leave a chance to influence their fans. 

Selena Gomez Wears Red Nail Polish For Voting Manicure

Selena Gomez was a scene in her own political action with her fingernails. Her latest fingernail look was highlighted with the brightest red color. This look of Selena keeps the fans in the suspension of her political interests. Tom magic is the nail artist for the singer, who recently shared her nail art. The contrasting Purple face mask along with the highly reflective red color of nails explains everything. 

While the picture shared by the chick was completely out of any political agenda. It was mainly focused on the promotion of nail polish brands used by Gomez. But the choice of colors used by Gomez is questioned by the fans ahead of the presidential elections. 

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