Where is Xur? What is Xur Selling This Week, Xur Location, Weapons, Collectibles, Exotics Items, and More [25.09.2020]

It is Friday, and like every weekend, one of the popular non-playing characters in Destiny 2 appears with various exotic items. Xur, the agent of Nine hangs out any place of the game’s four worlds every weekend with several exotic items to exchange. Xur’s location changes every week, so the first thing we have to do is discover where he is at.

Xur regularly appears sharp at 12 PM EST on Friday.

Where is Xur & What is he selling this week?

So, if you don’t want to waste time to find where the vendor is located, then we have got your back. The vendor appeared at the EDZ at Winding Cove. He appeared at the same place two weeks ago. But he has set of new exotic weapons, armours, and gauntlets in comparison to last week.

Xur will exchange these exotic weapons, wearables, and consumables with the Legendary Shards. So, be sure to collect enough Legendary Shards to make the exchange. This week, Xur brought a rifle, two armours, and gauntlets. These weapons are even available after killing an enemy or completing missions. Since they all are random drop, you exactly don’t know, when you will get these items. The exchange with Xur is the best way to use these weapons.

Telesto (Exotic Fusion Rifle)

Orpheus Rig (Exotic Hunter Leg Armor)

Citan’s Ramparts (Exotic Titan Gauntlets)


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Lunafaction Boots (Exotic Warlock Leg Armor)

Who is Xur?

If you are playing the online multiplayer shooting game for the first time, you may not have the idea who Xur is. Xur is one of the fan-favourite NPC, who arrives weekly with exotic items to exchange with Legendary Shards. Xur didn’t always exchange Legendary Shards with the items. He has been since Destiny and during the first game, he used to exchange items and Legendary Shards with Special Coins.

Xur remains at the above-mentioned place until the next weekly reset, on Tuesday, 29 September 2020.

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