Top Games to Pass Your Time During Quarantine: latest information

We cannot deny the fact that sitting at home and doing nothing has become our daily lives. If you ask a teenager about the routine, timetable, and disciplined life then most probably their answer would be, “Huh? What are these?” Certainly, this pandemic has given us a lot of time to quarantine and chill but most of us are bored with reading self-help books, scrolling down social media, and cooking stuff. Now that we can’t go anywhere and the only source of entertainment left for us is our phone. But now everything on phone has become boring too. Watching Netflix, calling friends, scrolling through Instagram has become a part of monotony. Therefore, to break this redundancy, here are some crazy fun games that you can play at home during quarantine and chill : 

Top 5 Games That You Can Play to Pass Your Time During Quarantine! - Communal News

  1. Ludo

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Every Indian is an inborn Ludo professional. It is a very competent game that requires strategy at 2-4 people to play with. Earlier, there used to be ludo boards, as in actual 3-dimensional physical cardboards along with real dice and tokens but now this game is widely played online. Organically, the competition to win the race by reaching the finish line before everyone else creates madness of pursuit.

Ludo King is an app which is widely consumed by the Indian population during this pandemic situation. According to their survey, there are more than 1 million people who play Ludo on their app. The simple and easy rules of the game are the reason for its highest engagement. The game is not only enjoyed by teenagers but the age of playing this game ranges between 9 to 69 years. Ludo has reunited families for a fun family time recreation through its ‘pass and play’ feature. It is highly recommended that you give it a shot.

  1. Sudoku

Sudoku is a very important part of my daily routine. Before I start to read, write, or study in general, I play Sudoku to give my brain a warm-up. It is a logic-based game of numbers where you learn patience, smart work, and persistence. The Sudoku puzzles challenge your brain to think a little harder every time you start with a puzzle. If you want to solve Sudoku fun puzzles using a pen then you will find it in most of the newspapers or magazines. Even if you don’t have access to offline Sudoku puzzles, you can play and solve it online by downloading any Sudoku app.

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This game has its charm of challenges. You have to be extremely careful and alert with every number you decide to place in any row or column. The basic objective is to fill the 3×3 subgrid, the column, and the rows in such a way that each of the rows, columns, and subgrid has every number from 1 to 9 with none of the numbers being repeated. This adventure hones our skills in strategy and technique. This game is a must-play for every child who hates maths. It will boost your logical reasoning skill and you’ll fall in love with numbers.

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