NASA researchers targets Venus for next expedition

NASA came under high consideration of approving their next April mission to Venus. It has been proposed that two of the 4 April planetary science could help in a determination that the planet supports life or not. on Monday and the International team of astronomical research claimed that there is evidence of microbial substances which are hanging around the acidic harsh clouds on Venus. There have been traces of production of phosphine gas which on Earth is produced by living bacteria.

NASA missions

This possibility provided very strong evidence of potential life beyond Earth. The space agency of the USA in February had announced 4 of its scientific missions. These machines were targeted to the research call life beyond Earth. Two of the four machines were aimed towards finding life traces on the planet Venus.

Scientists want NASA to visit Venus before Mars – BGR

One of the mission would send a probe in the atmosphere of Venus. One of the other two missions is focused to send a probe in a volcanically active moon of Jupiter. And the other one is targeted towards Neptune. Until now the main focus of research of extraterrestrial life in the Solar system was not towards Venus. And in fact, in July NASA had approved for a mission on Mars. NASA has added that the need to expand its research dimensions to other planets and planetary objects for the search of life.

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