John Krasinski might become Captain America after Chris Evan’s exit & Fans can’t keep their excitment

John Krasinki has taken over the mantle of Captain America

After carrying the position of Captain America for over 9 years, Chris Evans is being replaced. The popular and much loved Captain America fitted perfectly in his role. he worked with the franchise for almost a decade. He played a role in many iconic movies. Many of his movies are still considered to be one of the greatest in Marvel universe. His role in the first avenger was appreciated by critics all over.

Krasinki had earlier applied for the role of Captain America. He had auditioned for the role. Later when Chris Evans was selected he completely agreed. He believed and openly said that Chris would be the perfect Captain America. However, as Marvel may have decided to have the concept of a parallel universe. They decide to have a separate actor for that role. That’s where the need for Krasinki arose. Krasinki would be most definitely psyched for the role. Having wanted to play it for a really long time. It will be a treat for viewers to see Krasinki in the role.

What Krasinki Says

“”Well, I know I wouldn’t have done it as well as Chris,” Krasinski mentioned to Total Film earlier this year. “At least I get to see someone good do the role. I’ve actually talked to Chris about it. Not getting it is the freedom I’ve been afforded. Had I got it my directing and writing career never would have happened. Certainly, A Quiet Place never would have happened had I got Captain America.”

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Krasinki has played roles of an army man earlier too. He did a fantastic job in 13 hours in Benghazi. It was a movie based on a real incident. Wherein Ameircan soldiers were left to fend for themselves in extremely hostile places. He did a great role in that situation as well. He was a fan favorite.

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