Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello are Breaking Up & it is the Saddest News on the Internet Right Now

It recently came to light that the Senorita hitmakers had called it quits. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have broken up. This might be devastating news for all the fans, and some are convinced that this is still a rumour. Fans are not yet ready to face reality. The beautiful duo has had a smooth run so far and started dating in July last year. Ever since they have been seen kissing in public and holding hands. It is overwhelming to see this great couple so much in love. But recently, things didn’t look that good for the couple.  Although, it is always said that what is even Hollywood love without some controversy in it?

A US-based magazine had recently reported that it was after the couple had stayed together in quarantine in Camilla’s Miami house. Apparently, the original plan was that Camila would go back to Los Angeles with Shawn but they decided to take a break from each other. Recently, Shawn was also seen walking the red carpet alone, another reason why the breakup news ignited. There have been many claims ever since fans are determined to prove that this is just a rumour. Many pointed out the possible evidence they have to support that. One of the fans pointed out the Instagram post of Camilla, where she was wearing Shawn’s sweaters. It was also claimed that the picture was posted on August 14th, right after the day the US magazine reported their breakup. Another fan claimed that the couple was seen together in Los Angeles, clearly opposing what many reports said.

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The couple hasn’t responded to any such news as of yet but it will be heartbreaking to see it come true. It is possible that the couple wouldn’t be seen together for a long time now, as Camila is heading to England to shoot her latest movie, Cinderella. They haven’t deleted any social media posts but let’s see what they have to say.

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