The Karate Kid Legacy Continuous: All About Cobra Kai Season 3

Here’s some good news for all the “Cobra Kai“ fans. Season 3 might be out sooner than we all expected.

The series is a sequel to the very old 80’s karate kid movie. Netflix recently released a short trailer for season 3 of the series and gave us a few hints that it will be out soon, maybe early 2021. There wasn’t much information in the trailer about the next season, it just had some old clips put together. But the trailer was enough to make the fans go crazy and gave them hope.

It might be surprising how a 34-year-old movie has kept its glory, but the little factors and details in the movie make it worthwhile.


The series is based on Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence from the original karate kid movie. It shows how both of them have different paths in life and their journey into adulthood. Johnny has seen his own bad days but decides to open up his very own dojo, Cobra Kai, in order to teach a bullied group of children karate. Whereas Daniel becomes a successful car salesman and is determined to do good for his family, but something pulls him back and points him towards the world of martial arts by reconnecting with the spirit of his sensei from the movies, Nariyoshi Miyagi.

The fans must be thrilled about the news. The series eventually made its way to the top, it became “the most-watched” show of the year the moment it went life, and has remained that way ever since. The first season has a 100% score on rotten tomatoes. The show went so viral that Ralph Macchio, himself went on TODAY to talk about it.

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Netflix hasn’t given out much information yet. The trailer was titled “The Karate Kid Legacy continuous”. The unexplored secrets will be certainly pivotal to the next season.

The next season might have many cliffhangers to resolve. Apparently, the new episodes will bring Daniel back to japan as he visited in the karate kid ii movies. But obviously, we still have to wait for what’s to happen. The next season brings most of its core characters back into play, headlined by William Zabka as Johnny and Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso.

Xolo will be returning as Miguel Diaz in the next season. Zabka and Johnny were left in a conversation where he loses everything. That is how the particular cliffhanger will be resolved in the next season.

The writers knew well, what to and when to show. So gear up! As the wait isn’t that long.


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