UN Sanctions on Iran are Back in Place

UN Unanimously Voted in Favor of Reinforcing sanctions on Iran

A nuclear deal had been signed between Iran and Un. It had allowed the relief of sanctions imposed on Iran. This had certain terms and conditions attached to it. The deal was signed by the US too. The US however had pulled out of the deal back in 2018. The US had cited various reasons for pulling out of the deal with Iran. The deal had been signed in 2015. The deal was supposed to end on 20th September 2020. That’s the reason why a vote was asked in the UN.

Views of Member Countries

However certain countries have strongly objected to the imposition of these sanctions on Iran. These countries include the following. France, UK, and Germany. All these three had asked UN to continue the relief from sanctions for Iran. The US had however called otherwise. US was strongly advocating the ed of relief from sanctions on Iran. They had strongly protested against this. the US had opposed relaxations for Iran. This is to isolate Iran from the global community. The three countries such had supported the continuation of relaxations. Had addressed a letter to the UN regarding the same. the Us administration had promised consequences to any countries wich opposed the end of relaxations.

Other Countries

Most other countries are also not in favor of the decision. Iran’s President had also mentioned that they had made sure the US was isolated. Iran said that the US was facing maximum isolation. US decisions were also criticized by Russia. Russia mentioned that the moves that the US is making are not valid. They also said that such moves are illegal and not called for.

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This comes at a time when tensions in the middle east are at a historic low. Various Islamic republics have formally recognized Israel and seek to make good diplomatic relations with them.



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