Enola Holmes Review: Millie Bobby Brown is the star of this movie

Millie Bobby Brown shines in this surprisingly good movie. Enola Holmes is directed by Harry Bradbeer. And it stars Millie Bibby Brown, Henry Cavill, And Sam Claflin in lead roles.

What Benedict’s Sherlock was for millennials, Elona Holmes might be just that for Gen Z. BBC Sherlock was very beautifully based in today’s world and it focused on the problems of millennials. Enola Holmes might do the same for Gen Z by empowering them.

Millie Bobby Brown is breaking the fourth wall

Enola Holmes is set in Victorian London. It has a lot of Pride and Prejudice vibe in it. Millie Bobby Brown starts the movie by breaking the fourth wall. This is a constant occurrence in the movie. And Millie does it quite beautifully.

Enola is the sister of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. She is intelligent, confident, but not arrogant like Sherlock. Enola was raised by her mother, Eudoria. While her two brothers were making a name for themselves in London Enola preferred to stay with her mom. But when her mother goes missing, Enola needs the help of her brothers to locate her mother.

Enola, however, gets frustrated by their brother when Mycroft starts to take guardianship of her and Sherlock takes over the adult responsibilities. So, she runs away to find her mother by herself. She meets another runaway on the way and both bond over their abandonment issues.

Do watch it

Enola Holmes might seem unnecessarily convoluted but it more than makes up with its interesting character. Both Millie and Cavill shine in their respective roles. And it looks like this might become a franchise for Millie. Good for her, since she is also the producer on this.

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