Superman To Make His Comeback In The DC Universe !!

Guess who’s back to fly in the skies? It’s Henry Cavill as Superman.

According to some reports, it recently came to light that Henry Cavill might make a reappearance for future DC projects. Even though it is still not confirmed yet, the rumors were enough to make the fans smile go crazy. It is being said that he might appear in three DC movies and multiple cameos across the DC universe.

The stardom started when he first made his appearance as the superhero in 2013’s Man of Steel and later in Justice League and Batman vs Superman. It was last year when Cavill publicly said that “ the cape is still in the closet and it is mine” also that he hadn’t given up on his role.


According to recent rumours, Henry’s interest as Superman was rekindled by the successful announcement of The Snyder cut. Where Cavill himself pitched his idea to the studio which was widely praised. It is also noticed that he is still in negotiations to reprise his role in DC movies and he wouldn’t be gearing up for the director’s cut. Infact, it would just be a cameo in one of the upcoming films. The actor won’t play a part in his own film, but might appear in Aquaman 2, Suicide Squad and The Batman.

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It is also possible that he makes a comeback as Superman on HBO Max, very similar to the rumors about Ben Affleck.

The actor, in many instances, made evident that he is still up for the role, stating “ there’s a lot I have to give to superman yet. A lot of storytelling to do. I want to reflect on comic books. That’s important to me. There’s a lot of justice to be done for superman. The status is: you’ll see “.

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