Google wants you to game on Chromebook. Here’s you you can do it

I have always described Chromebooks as an android with a large screen. Which means you can’t really game on it. But of late Google really wants you to game on it.

How to play on Chromebook?

Google is constantly reminding people that Stadia works on every Chromebook. Stadia is Google’s game streaming service which allows you to play games on any screen including your laptop, mobile, and of course Chromebook. Stadia might not be perfect now, but honestly, if you have a Chromebook and you want to play games then Stadia is your safest bet. NVIDIA’s GeForce now streaming service has also started to work on Chromebooks. So now you might be able to play a few more games.

Also, the Google Play Store works on Chromebook. That means that you have access to all the android games. You can play hot titles like PubG, asphalt, or Fortnite. Sorry! Not Fortnite. Google has also made a new section that lists some premium games that work well in Chrome OS. This list contains games such as Gorogoa, Incredibox, Don’t starve, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Room 3, and more. These might not be the best selection of games but, I guess, its better than nothing.

Google says that they have noticed that the time spends on gaming in a Chromebook has tripled in the last few months. So, I guess that’s why they are promoting gaming so much. And also considering the fact that most of the Chromebook owners are students, it’s fair to assume that they would love to do a little bit of gaming.

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