Excited for The Boys season 2 episode 6? Get all the details here!

The Boys is a superhero web series currently on Amazon Prime streaming platform. The second season of the series started airing recently. The episodes are released weekly every Friday and the fans cannot get enough.

Here is all you need to know about The Boys Season 2 Episode 6 release date and time.

At the beginning when it was first released in July 2019, it gained a lot of popularity.

The superpowered heroes Seven are known worldwide but they are in the hands of Vought International Corporation. The members change through the time and become corrupt and arrogant in their active years.

The so-called Boys lead by Billy Butcher are filled with cynicism of the titular Seven and do everything in their power to bring them down.

How did season 1 end?

After much more drama in the 1st season, Amazon Prime hit its watchers with the second season on September 4th, 2020.

Yet, the episodes are being released weekly and till now only 5 episodes have come out. Many fans can barely control their excitement and are eager for the next episode to be released on Amazon.

In season 1, everyone thought that Billy’s wife, Becca was dead since she was killed by Homelander, the leader of the Seven. Turns out, she is not dead after all. The season ended with the extraordinary revelation that Becca is alive and is secretly raising her and Homelander’s child. This left the spectators biting their nails in excitement.

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In season 2, the narrative continues the story of Billy Butcher and his ensemble as the tension with the Vought International and the Seven goes up a few bars.

The sixth episode in season will be released on next Friday, September 28th at around 5 a.m BST.

The impatient wait every week

Amazon Prime is clearly mimicking Disney Plus’s way of releasing episodes.

The former unveiled the first three episodes on September 4th, then later began to release a single episode every week.

The developer of the show, Eric Kripke revealed that the idea of launching the episodes every week was not his Amazon’s.

Kripke said that, “It came from the producers… we’re the ones who pitched them. A lot of people over there were actually reluctant because it was a new idea or they don’t do it that often. We really wanted it and Amazon ended up agreeing that they would give it a try.”

Similar to the 1st season, the 2nd season will also feature a total of eight episodes.

The season will run till October 9th with new segments every week on Friday.

But the agonizing wait is what makes the experience special, isn’t it?


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