DC Universe is shutting down its Movie and TV streaming features in January 2021

DC Universe is finally going to shut down its TV and movie streaming options on January 21, 20121. The service will get changed to V+DC Universe Infinite and will only have comic books. All the movies and shows will transfer over to HBO Max.

What was the DC Universe?

Warner Bros. launched this streaming service back in 2018. It gave access to thousands of comic books, classic Dc movies, shows, and several animated and live-action series.

It’s Content

It had a news program called DC Daily. It focused on giving all the latest DC news.

Then there was Doom Patrol. A wacky show which followed a group of weird superheroes in their adventures. It has two seasons till now and the third one is coming to HBO Max,

Kaley Cuoco’s Harley Quinn was available on this platform. This show also had two seasons until now. The third one is coming to HBO Max.

There was also this new series called Stargirl. It starred Brec Bassinger in the lead role. This show only had one season till now. The second season is coming to HBO Max.

One of the best series on this platform was Swamp Thing. The series is canceled, but the first season will be available on HBO Max. Do check it out.

The animated series Young Justice was also available on DC Universe. It has three seasons and the fourth one will come directly on HBO Max.

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Titans is quite a famous DC series. It has two seasons and the third one is coming to HBO Max. In Titans, Dick Grayson decides to fight with criminals without the help of Batman.

Apart from all this, there are also several classic movies and TV Series. For example ‘Teen Titans’, ‘Batman: The Animated Series’, etc were also available on DC Universe. All this content will be transferred over to HBO Max.

What will remain on DC Universe Infinite is the comics. Over 20,000 digital comics will be available on this platform for $7.99 a month.

What about the existing subscribers?

Current DC Universe subscribers will be offered a chance to sign up for HBO Max for an additional $4.99. It’s still $2 less than HBO Max’s current price. Additionally, any current DC Universe subscribers will also get a promo code for DC Shop. Monthly subscribers will get a $10 voucher while annual subscribers will get a $25 voucher.

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