Re: Zero Season 2 Episode 12, Release Date, Where To Watch, Storyline,Trailer

The popular dark fantasy anime television series, Re: Zero returned for the second season in July, this year. Kadokawa announced the anime television adaptation in 2015 and released the 25-episode first season in 2016. The creators then went silent for two years and announced the second season renewal in 2019.

White Fox handled the animation of the anime series while Masaharu Watanabe served as the director for both seasons. The animation studio announced that they will release the show in split-cour in 2020. They originally planned to release the first cour in April and the second cour later in 2020. But, they had to reschedule the broadcast date due to the coronavirus pandemic to July 2020.

Re: Zero Season 2 Storyline

The anime television basically tells the unexpected story of a hikikomori, Subaru Natsuki When he marches towards his home from the local grocery store, he is transported to a different world. Natsuki doesn’t have an idea of how and who transported him to another world. He then acquires a mysterious power, through which he is able to return alive by reversing time.

Re: Zero Season 2 Episode 12 Plot

The upcoming episode will be the final episode of the first cour. The previous episode has left the fans unhappy. Subaru couldn’t use his power Return by Death to save Rem and Crutch.

Rem and Crutch confront the leaders of Witch Cult, Lye and Regulas. The antagonists are easily powerful than the two supporting characters, Rem and Crutch. The two duos take one on one, in which Rem and Crutch while Regulas troubles Crutch. Rem and Crutch receives a huge blow as Lye kills Rem, and remove her from the planet. Subaru learns about their conditions and rushes to help them.

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Subaru decides to use his Return by Death power to save them. So, he kills himself by suicide and awakens after entering the loops of death. However, to everyone shock, he couldn’t return to the point where he can save Rem and Crutch.

Re: Zero Season 2 Episode 12 — When and Where to Watch?

Re: Zero airs weekly on TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, and Crunchyroll. The 11th episode aired on September 16 so the Episode 12 will air on September 23, 2020, at 10:30 PM JST.

Re: Zero Season 2 Trailer


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