Official images of Sony a7 leaked: Specifications and more

Photos of Sony a7C have been leaked. This comes as a surprise since the official reveal is only a week away. The leak shows a full-frame camera with a corner-mounted EVF and new kit lens.

A black tape covering the logo with someone holding the camera was first seen. According to a report, what seemed like a bunch of official sample shots revealed the following.

The camera will come with a 24MP image sensor and a 28-60mm kit lens. It also comes with an ISO range of 100-51200, a maximum shooting speed of 10 frames per second, and a flip-out LCD screen. The corner-mounted EVF looks similar to that of the Sony a6600.

The official reveals next week will expose the position of the camera in Sony’s lineup. Speculations are that it will replace the ageing Sonya7 III.

Rumours say that the body will be priced about $2100, making it a rather expensive proposition. Competitors like Canon EOS RP and Nikon Z5 costs $1000 and $1400, respectively.

Waiting for a week will tell the price and the positioning of the camera in the lineup. Stay tuned.

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