Fortnite Season 4 Week 2 at Ant Manor: Challenge guide

Fortnite is back with a bang. A new week means a new set of challenges. The challenges are effortless and are two-fold. The Wolverine challenge accounts for 1st week. The challenge for the 2nd week is weird, though. It requires the players to bounce on four different dog toys at Ant Manor.

This guide helps to find Ant Manor. It also aids to get some easy XP for the Battle Pass. It is much simpler to complete the task in Rumble mode because of fewer threats along the way.

Where is the Ant Manor located?

The first step of the challenge is to locate Ant Manor. For the uninitiated, the Season 4 map is updated with Pol by Epic.

To the east of Holy Hedges and northwest of Weeping Woods lies Ant Manor-The giant dog house. A circular area with a building inside refers to the dog house.

Bouncing on different dog toys:

Ant Man’s dog house consists of a few toys outside. Bouncing on the tennis balls and rubber dog bones add credit for the challenge. At least two of the four Dog Toys sit outside of Ant Manor.

Once the chances are exhausted, enter the dog house to slide down the hole. Bouncing on the tennis balls and other toys there help to finish the job as well as increase the reward XPs.

Competitors will be eyeing to grab the toys first. So move as fast as you can to get the first-mover advantage.

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First toy:

In a corner inside the dog house.

Second toy:

Jumping down the broken planks lead to the underground. Jump on the orange tennis ball and move ahead.

Third toy:

Another ball lies in the corner. Bouncing on the ball helps to make our way to the outside.

Fourth toy:

The fourth and final ball lies to the right of the dog house. There are some rocks leading to the ball. Jumping on the ball completes the challenge and gives some added XPs.

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