What’s New? Apple Reveals It’s New iPad And Watch Collection!!

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a huge toll on the big tech companies, but that didn’t stop Apple from rolling out a bunch of new technologies, latest updates and services virtually.  On September 15th, Apple had an online event, revealing all the new Apple products and services. It unveiled the new generation iPad powered by “A14” bionic, as the Apple’s fastest chipset that comes along with keyboard/pencil support. Also revealed were the latest watch models, that hold enhanced medical diagnostic capabilities, blood and oxygen monitoring detection. Here’s a glimpse of what all Apple welcomed:


PRICE:  INR 44,000

Tim Cook introduces the”all-new, completely redesigned iPad air”. The new 8th generation iPad features all-day battery capacity, faster graphics. It is further powered by the A14 6-core bionic processor and contains the most advanced chip Apple has ever made. It also comes with a Touch ID sensor and a 10.9-inch liquid retina display. The buttons were made using sapphire crystals and also detects fingerprints.

In addition to all that, Apple also gives the iPad Air USB-C compatibility features, that allows it to connect to multiple non-apple devices.apple also said that it comes with a 100% recycled aluminium case, which makes it very Eco friendly. It has a new look all around and is available in five different colours. The Apple iPad air will be available in stores from next month!!


Apple sells a lot of services, but what if all those services were combined to make a better one ? here comes, apple one.

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The tech giant recently announced its one of the new services, Apple one. It combines several services – Apple Music, Apple TV+ and iCloud storage and more such at a lower price. Further depending on the subscription tiers. The bundles start at $14.95per month and go over and around $25 depending on the services being added. Other services include – Apple news+, Apple fitness, Apple arcade and options of iCloud storage.


The Apple watch outsold the entire watch industry last year and continues to make remarkable upgrades. The new apple watch series 6 prices will start from $399. Whereas, the new apple SE watch starts from $279.

Apple has released its most gracious and colourful watch lineup ever. The series 6 watch comes with amazing new features like-it can monitor blood and oxygen level, the watch has infrared sensors on its bottom that detect the oxygen level in your blood.

The new watch also comes with multiple faces, it can show multiple time zones at once and also has the ability to track your laps. The watch can also create your animated emoji.


Even if you don’t buy a new iPhone, the old phone will get updated to the new software the next day. Apple is always coming up with ways to make changes for the better. The new software upgrades certain different features like setting, group chats etc. With so many changes and upgrades, Apple continues to hold its place in the industry and also the love for its products.

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