The Re-Release Of The Game “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game, finally ready to make their comeback after six long years.

Ubisoft recently announced that the game edition “ holiday 2020” would be officially released somewhere near Christmas this year. The exact date is currently unknown though. Ubisoft revealed the good news with a trailer of the game on their 10th anniversary. The trailer opens on Scott punching through a huge anniversary cake. Further, it was full of gameplay from the title and showed several cut-scenes that looked even better than the original one.


The game is inspired by the movie and graphic novel “ Scott Pilgrims vs. The World “. It follows Scott and his friends who are involved in a battle against the league of seven evil exes, who stand between Scott and Ramona’s love. The game can be joined by up to four players locally or online for drop-in,and drop-out actions as Scott, Ramona Flowers, Stephen Stills, Kim, Knives Chau and Wallace Wells. They all can further level up and eventually learn new moves as they move through the game.

The game is mostly loved for its fun gameplay, amusing story, plentiful homages to the retro games and a soundtrack by Anamanaguchi. It is a 2D retro-style evocative version of classic arcade hits like teenage mutant ninja turtles.


The game will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox one, Nintendo switch, PC and Stadia. The re-release of the game includes the original game as well as the original DLC (The Knives Chau and Wallace wells), which adds two playable characters and also subspace minigames, dodgeball and pvp battles. The official news by Ubisoft did not mention next-gen consoles specifically but current-gen versions of the game should be playable on next-gen consoles within the same console type.

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The game was initially released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in the year 2010 before being de-listed in 2014, after which fans called for the re-release of the game on Ubisoft for many years.

It is also important to know that the Ubisoft press release mentioned, the game will be available “to download”. Basically, there has been no clarity as to if the game will be physically released. Scott Pilgrim will also feature online play, though it is still unclear if there will be cross-play across consoles enabled.

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