Get Fit While You Sit: The Genius Cubii Pro Under-Desk: Why You Should Buy It And Reviews

COVID has forced most of us if not all of us to work from home (WFH). Those of us, who don’t have a very mobile job, it is very difficult for us to reach our daily step goal. Well, fret not, because Cubii has launched a genius idea, which makes sure you reach that daily steps target.

The Cubii Pro seated under desk elliptical machine is a much-needed revolution in the world of workout which cannot be denied. The Cubii Pro allows the person to get their daily steps just by sitting at one place the entire day! Not only that, but this elliptical is also currently on sale on Amazon in two impressive colours. The colours are Noir and Chrome! The non-sale retail price of this elliptical machine is $350, and that is comparatively expensive to the on-sale $249! A whopping $100 off!

Why You Should Buy It?

If you’re on this page, there’s a very high possibility that you’re already considering buying it. Well here are a few more reasons you should buy it.

  1. Cubii Pro helps you reach your daily step target just by sitting at one place.
  2. It makes sure you stay fit.
  3. The elliptical helps keep your concentration up!
  4. It helps keep you entertained during those boring and super long meetings!
  5. Works more than 50% of your muscles!
  6. East Assembly
  7. Perfect for beginners

A workout a day keeps the fat away. A workout should be a huge part of everyone’s routine, to make sure everyone stays fit and stays active even with their monotonous lives. But we also know that it’s hard! It’s hard to set a perfect time to work out, where you’re not too tired, but you’re also not about to get to a meeting or to a work. This is the great thing about Cubii Pro, you can work out anytime anywhere! So what’s all the fuss about?

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Other than that, The Cubii Pro has the technology to sync with the app or the Bluetooth. It can, therefore, sync your steps, distance, and calories burnt! What else could you ask for? The user may use a fitness tracking app or a Fitbit to set their goals and help accomplish it. The elliptical is also very quiet, you can work out even when you’re heading a meeting or watching your favourite show.


Now that we’ve had a look at the specifications and everything, what have other users said about this?

  • “I am so happy I found it”“This is genius. I am able to get my 10,000 steps in while at a desk job where a barely get up. I think it is a game-changer, and am so happy I found it.” – Laurie (Verified Amazon Buyer)
  • “I have neuropathy in my feet and several other health issues, which makes it extremely hard to be able to exercise. This works perfectly. Have lost 40lbs has been since I starting using Cubii.”- Anonymous Verified Amazon Buyer

  • “Love it! I have a job where sitting and talking on the phone is roughly 90% of my day. The Cubii helps me feel more energetic, stay motivated, all while supporting my goal of maintaining weight through supplementing my workouts.”– Anonymous Verified Amazon Buyer

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