CONFIRMED: Marvel to Introduce this Villain to MCU in ANT-MAN 3!!

MCU is set to bring the Conquerer in the next Ant-Man flick: Read more to find out!

Ant-Man 3 has found its villain. Jonathan Majors has reportedly been phoned by Disney-owned Marvel Studios. That is to appear opposite Paul Rudd in the next Ant-Man flick. Apparently, the role is that of Kang the conquerer. Kang is a time-traveling scholar from the future. A fan-favorite, Kang has the ability to take on the Avengers going solo.

Variety noted that people familiar with the matter have said that Majors will likely play the supervillain, Kang. In the comics, Kang begins his journey as Nathan in the 31st century. He travels back to ancient Egypt, the 20th century, and beyond. He doesn’t have any superpowers per se. But he is backed by 40th-century technology thanks to his time-traveling. But there are several other versions of Kang in the comics. Marvel can choose to be choosy.

Majors got his first leading role in 2019’s The Last Black Man in San Francisco. This year, he starred in Spike Lee’s war drama ‘Da 5 Bloods’ and has since been the male lead for the horror drama Lovecraft Country. Majors’ next role is opposite Idris Elba in ‘The Harder They Fall,’ which also stars Regina King, Zazie Beetz, and Lakeith Stanfield.









Peyton Reed — the director both the Ant-Man installations — is confirmed to return for the third. Reed will follow the script by Jeff Loveness. Rudd comes back as Scott Lang / Ant-Man and will act with Evangeline Lily as Hope/ Wasp.

The movie is said to release in 2022. If that is the case, we’ll get five Marvel movies in 2022, which seems very unlikely.

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But the demise of Chadwick Boseman may result in Feige pushing the date of Black Panther 2.


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