Dolby Vison suoported by the X-Box series X for gameplays: best series and product all specs

About the product:

Xbox series S and the Xbox series X in the real 2021 will be supporting the Dolby vision. This statement was passed by the Dolby executives. earlier the Xbox One X also supported the Dolby vision but it was installed only for the media playback. Deeper black levels and better highlights in the HDR form are some features provided by Dolby’s vision.

Televisions like the LG OLED range supports the Dolby vision. Samsung has however preferred to stay with the HDR+ technology. and their devices are still not in support of Dolby’s vision.

Xbox Series X, Series S Will Support Dolby Vision HDR for Gaming | Beebom

The main features of Dolby vision are as follow:

1. the Dolby vision display automatically coordinates with the games supporting Dolby vision hence always providing you with the complete picture.

2. The more contrast and color have always been ideal in the gameplays. It helps you to get into more detail of texture, scan the horizon, discovered the shadows, and to point out the camouflaged enemy.

3. The rich screen of colors will take you into a magic world.

4. The Dolby vision gives up to 40 times a brighter screen and up to 10 times the black colors which can take you into the outer space.

Current devices which support the Dolby vision are mainly for the Netflix and other streaming media application. But the release in Xbox series X and the series S will support this technology in gameplays. Sony is yet to announce in its PlayStation that it would support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos or not. Still, the Dolby Vision is under the prototype stage. It is still expected that Dolby Vision would bring out more than 4k gaming technology.

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