A little Expensive New Philips Hue lightstrip to Make your home colorful

So, if you are a big fan of interiors then New Philips Hue Lightstrip will definitely be eye-catching. However, it comes at a pricy buy of 200$. It will bring a set-like effect at your home and change the entire movie night. So, let’s check out what it has in store for you.


New Philips Hue Lightstrip: What’s it?

Basically, New Philips Hue is a gradient light strip that you have to stick behind your TV. The lights are designed so as to change the color, brightness, intensity, and speed according to whatever you are watching. Sound interesting right? Moreover, you can customize it’s working using an application. 

New Philips Hue Lightstrip: How it works?

The Lightstrip consists of 50 small lights. The strip works with the Philips Hue bridge which ensures easy control of the lights. Another important part is the Philips Hue HDMI Play box which helps the user synchronize the lightings with the content on TV. 

Apart from this, the Lightstrip can be used as a mood setter. This is because you can use the lightings even when the TV is off. Philips Hue lets you keep the ambient lighting the same. With the updated lamp, you can keep dimmed or color lights on according to your mood. For this, you will either a Bluetooth control or a Philips Hue bridge. 

New Philips Hue Lightstrip: Price and Availablity

The lights come at a little expensive rate starting at 200$. The light strip will be available on October 16 and can be purchased in three different sizes. The size classification is as follows:

  • 55 inch: It can fit 55-60 inch TV and it is priced at 199.99$.
  • 65 inch: Suitable for 65-70 inch TV, it comes at 219.99$.
  • 75 inch: It can be used for 75-85 inch TV. The worth is 239.99$. 
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Furthermore, the iris lamp we discussed above will be launched on October 19. You can buy it for 99$. Additionally, the light bulb packs range between 24.99$-49.99$ depending on the color variants. 

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