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Xbox Series S will not run Xbox One Games, Release Date, Features, Price, and More

Microsoft will launch a cheaper and digital-only version of the upcoming next-generation console, Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series S is an amazing alternative for the Xbox Series X if you don’t need a disc drive. The latest news from the company has now confirmed both the release date and price of this gaming console.

The developers previously dubbed the device as Project Lockhart. Even though the console is disc-less, the device is way powerful than the current version of Xbox One S. Among all other Xboxes in the performance department, Xbox Series S lies just below the powerful Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series S Release Date

The Xbox Series S will reportedly launch along with the high-end and most advanced Xbox ever, the Xbox Series X. The consoles will release on Tuesday, 10 November 2020. The customers will have another plus point while buying the devices, as both consoles release right before the Black Friday 2020.

Xbox Series S is the cheaper alternative to Xbox Series X and will cost $299.99 (£249.99). Microsoft confirmed the prices for both the devices through their official Twitter account. Meanwhile, the high-end version or the Xbox Series X will cost  $499 (£399). Xbox One S All-Digital price was also $200 less than the Xbox One X.

Xbox Series S Features

The reports confirmed that the Series S is 60% smaller in size than the Xbox Series X. This will make the Series X the smallest Xbox ever made. While you could enjoy 4K gaming in Series X, you can enjoy gaming at the resolution of 1440p instead. However, there are few features similar to Xbox Series X like ray tracing, high refresh rates, 4K game upscaling, and media playback.

Series S reportedly has the custom NVME 512GB SSD. Furthermore, you can use the external hard drive to store Xbox One games. A new report claimed that the company is planning to release a 1TB expansion card.



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