Touglas Apple Farm comes 6th in USA Today ranking: Massachusetts Farm, Northborough Farm

According to, USA today Tougas Family Farm in Northborough has been named as the best apple farm in the country. It has been given the 6th position in the list of top 10 Farms in the United States.


The list of the winners of the 2020 Best Apple farms is given below:

  1. Beak and Skiff Apple Orchards – LaFayette, N.Y.
  2. Spicer Orchards Farm Market & Winery – Fenton, Mich.
  3. Deal’s Orchard – Jefferson, Iowa
  4. 4)Libby & Son U-Picks – Limerick, Maine
  5. Mercier Orchards – Blue Ridge, Ga.
  6. Tougas Family Farm – Northborough, Mass.
  7. Carter Mountain Orchard – Charlottesville, Va.
  8. Mt View Orchards – Mount Hood, Ore.
  9. Solebury Orchards – New Hope, Penn.
  10. Weston’s Antique Apples – New Berlin, Wis

Tougas Family Farm is a family-owned and operated farm since 1981, their website suggests. People consider it to be one of the top farms in the region.

On Wednesday, the farm posted on Facebook that they are offering apple and blackberry picking. This is likely the last week for blackberry picking, the Facebook post states. They are also done with u-pick peaches but will have peaches for sale in the Farm Store.

“It’s September and we are officially into Apple Season,” Tougas Family Farm’s Facebook post said. “Enjoy a variety of apples including Honeycrisp, McIntosh, Ginger Gold, Galas, and more. In 2001, they expanded to an additional 35 acres. This allowed for new crops to be grown. These new crops included cherries and plums. Along with these, they mad add two new apple varieties.

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Restrictions to Watch Out For

This year due to the ongoing pandemic certain restrictions are being placed for fruit picking. Though fruit picking will be allowed to continue, yet people ar being informed to follow certain norms. These norms include wearing of masks and social distancing. This is a good step to counter the threat posed by Covid-19.

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