iPad Air 4 is OFFICIALLY Coming This September, Release Date, Specs, Features, and Everything to Know

The iPhone 12 and Apple Watch 6 is all but confirmed to release in 2020. Apart from this, the other device that has the highest chances of releasing is the new iPad Air 4. Multiple leaks confirmed that the iPad Air 4 would release together with the much-awaited iPhone 12 and Watch Series 6.

The iPad Air lineup has been applauded from the consumers for being the best alternative to iPad Pro. The tablet’s features and performance are the second-best than the iPad Pros. A source noted that the company wouldn’t market the next-generation of iPad Air as iPad Air 4. There haven’t been reports about the new title, but we would go with iPad Air 4 since the company released the iPad Air 3 last year.

The iPad Air 4 Release Date

The next-generation iPad Air may be the first product to launch in fall this year. Apple is holding an online event titled Time Flies on September 15. Reports mentioned that the event is exclusively designed for the release of new iPads and Apple Watches, not the flagship smartphone — the iPhone 12.

The iPad Air 3 was released in March last year, but the company didn’t follow a similar launch window. Several leakers previously mentioned that the company would release the new iPad Air 4 in the week of September 7. Of course, that didn’t happen, so we are hoping for a September 15 release date along with the Apple Watch 6.

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The iPad Air 4 Price

It’s all leaks at this point. One similar leak claimed that the iPad Air would release on multiple versions. The 128 GB version will cost around $649, while the bigger versions will cost more. This is an insane increment in the amount of the iPad Air, given that the previous version costs only $499.

The iPad Air 4 Features

The latest leaks claim that the upcoming iPad Air will house a massive 11-inch size. The other news claim that there would be Touch ID, but the device will completely remove the home button. There won’t be a lighting port in the iPad Air instead, the device will feature USB-C connectivity. The iPad Air 4 will potentially support the second-generation Apple Pencil, which at the moment is supported only by iPad Pro 2020.


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