Amazon’s Alexa for Residential will give you the ultimate smart home experience

The all new Alexa for Residential by Amazon was recently unveiled.

A research says that 81% of tenants are in search of smart home facilities. Plus, 61% of them are willing to pay for a voice assistant.

It is crafted to make it hassle free for the landlords and property managers to inculcate their rental units with Alexa devices. This is to create ready to move-in smart homes. To put Alexa for Residential into action, Amazon has already collaborated with IOTAS, STRATIS IoT and Sentinent Property Services.

Not necessary to set up an account

The Amazon Voice Assistant built into their apartments will allow them to control basically anything. Some instances are setting timers and alarms, fetch the news and read the temperature. You can do more through Echo by just using your voice. Here is the thing. You do not need to have an account to access these mentioned features.

If you do have an account, then you can control other actions like listening to music and contacting your friends and family. You can manage the actions with your own Alexa app.

Stress-free work for the property managers and landlords

In the past, installing smart devices was a costly and a time-consuming task. However, with Alexa for Residential, it is a comfortable and an easy work. Property managers can now use Alexa APIs to reset the settings to default and also guarantee that the Alexa integration remains intact. This prevents the need to replace devices each time a new tenant moves in.

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Furthermore, Amazon stated that Alexa for Residential permits the property managers to offer “custom voice experiences that go beyond the walls of their apartments”.

Plus, the smart apartment owners can manage rent, maintenance requests, amenity reservations and can utilize many more features.

In fact, property managers can use this facility in vacant units to give augmented self-guided tours and to answer typical questions. You can even obtain a demo of the smart devices in the apartment.

Your privacy is safe

There have been rumours in the past that Alexa might be discreetly listening to your conversations. If this has you worried about your privacy, you need not be. Amazon has ensured that the property managers and the landowners will not be able to access your private data. Also, voice recordings are erased automatically. If you link your personal account, then only you have the complete control over your privacy settings.

If you ever wish to move out, you can just unlink your account any time and all the devices can be reset.



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