People are still Playing PUBG Mobile in India Even After The Ban & Here’s How

The Government of India recently banned 118 apps from the android and iOS platforms that included popular battle royale, PUBG Mobile. The Ministry of the Electronics and Information Technology banned these apps after receiving numbers of reports that concerns national security and citizen’s privacy. PUBG Mobile has been removed from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, but players are still playing the game without facing issues.

If you have already installed the app, you can still play the game, but for some time until the government blocks the servers. The app has been blocked from the stores, not from the server. However, don’t get excited as the government will certainly block the servers, as it takes some time to process. The servers of the Indian region will be eventually turned off by the Pubg Corporation.

The ardent PUBG Mobile players, however, can find a number of alternate ways to play the battle royale game. Some players have started using a VPN and connect to the server somewhere else, where the server hasn’t been blocked. The idea is actually good for passionate fans, as, after connecting VPN, they don’t have to worry about privacy and online trails.

PUBG PC, Xbox, and PlayStation are still available!

You can still play the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds without worrying about the prohibition. The Government of India banned the PUBG Mobile, not the PUBG from other platforms. So, if you are really into gaming, and doesn’t want to switch into alternate games, then changing the platforms may be a good idea.

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But, most of the players, who play PUBG Mobile, doesn’t find the other versions interesting even though the game in these platforms has impressive graphics and in-game contents. The Chinese-based tech company had collaborated with PUBG Corporation to develop a mobile game, but the other versions are solely developed by PUBG Corporation.

PUBG Corporation, a part of BlueHole from Korea launched the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in Windows PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. However, these versions of games are paid in the country. You can buy the PC version on Steam at Rs 1,000. While you can pay Rs 1,499for PUBG PS4 and Rs 1,300 for PUBG Xbox.


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