Dragon Age 4 is in Early Development, BioWare CONFIRMED with NEW TRAILER, Release Date, Gameplay, Leaks

The fourth instalment of the popular Dragon Age series is currently on the development at Bioware. Although the developers have never affirmed about the potential fourth instalment, executive producer Mark Darrah’s cryptic messages through Twitter and few other recent leaks suggest that the game is in pre-production.

The popular fantasy role-playing game takes place in the dark fantasy world of Thedas. The developers previously started on the development of the fourth instalment back in 2015, under the codename Joplin. Bioware wanted to make the fourth game more narrative-focused and shorter than the previous games.

Bioware then focused on their other games’ Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem. The reports claimed that the publisher wanted to release these games before Joplin. So, the staffs and designers working on the option had to shift their focus on these games instead of Joplin. Bioware’s parent company EA, later cancelled the Joplin project because the game didn’t provide a monetization opportunity as it lacked the live-service component.

Sometime later, Bioware again restarted the project under the different code name — Morrison. The new project also had the live-service component as the game was based on the code of Bioware’s other game, Anthem. As for the time being, we don’t have details about the game’s characters, setting, gameplay, and even the official title.

EA recently conducted an online event called EA Play Event in June, where they revealed a few screenshots from the — what appeared to be the images of Dragon Age 4’s gameplay. the images showed Red lyrium, which is only available in Dragon Age games. A week ago, the developers also released the first look teaser trailer of the game along with behind-the-scenes. The video clip showed several early-development stuff including voice acting production, gameplay prototypes, and projected 3D environments.

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Work-In-Progress Images (Released at EA Play Event)

Dragon Age 4’s Release Date

There’s still no solid information regarding the release date of the game, other than it is in pre-production. We only have a little knowledge about the upcoming fantasy game. Casey Hudson, the general manager, also confirmed that the game is still in the early development process. Our best asuumption for the release date of the fourth instalment of Dragon Age is around 2022 and 2023.

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